Our way of thinking

The Infinity Marketing Services manifesto is what brings our team together to provide a unique customer experience.

A little bit about us

Infinity Marketing Services has over 25 years of industry experience in marketing, meaning we know some of the best ways to showcase your business. Based in Chandler, AZ, with production facilities in Tucson, AZ and Portland , OR we provide print and digital marketing services to any business or new entrepreneur that wants to be seen. Our team treats each business we work with as if it were our own. We give you the best services we can.
With more and more people going to the internet first, digital marketing can be an invaluable tool for your business. Digital marketing can help you to better interact with your target audience so that the people who would be most interested easily see it. Infinity Marketing Services marketing services are also more cost-effective than other options because they require fewer resources than traditional marketing.

The Infinity Marketing Services Manifesto

Our mission is to provide complete marketing solutions to our clients in approachable, measurable and quantifiable packages that flatten the curve to ROI through multiple channels in an integrated methodology unique in our industry.

Everything we do starts with the customer

Our first goal is to get inside the head of your customers and figure out what they are thinking. This approach helps us develop imaginative messaging that will influence the way your customers think and feel about your brand.

Meaningful messaging

Effective marketing’s secret sauce is creating meaningful messaging. That means using messages using words and pictures that are both relevant and that resonate with you customer.

Matching it all to the way people buy

Our method is to purposely align well crafted messaging with the way your customers buy. When are where your customers are in the buying process affects the words & images we choose.

Story tellers

We’ll Develop a clear structure for your brands story and identify what ignites it. A strong belief about your brand in the mind of your customer. Simply put, we’ll make you special again and get your mojo moving again.

The Brains

They’re smart. They’re experienced. They give small business the same sort of advantages big business gets from its agencies.

kari Roraback infinity marketing services


Lead Social Media Strategist

Since childhood, Kari has loved storytelling. Peechee folder and pad in hand, she would run around the house gathering interesting stories. She would grab the Oregonian Newspaper and crayons, slice off a chunk of fax paper, and scribble Kari Press on top.

Unfortunately, the Kari Press didn’t have a large readership. About a decade later, Kari graduated from Portland State University. With the experience of seven internships on her resume, she negotiated to put her storytelling skills to work for a local company. After that, the rest is history!

Jason roraback infinity marketing services


Business Development

Jason Roraback has been on an adventure with Infinity Marketing Services. From starting within our print production team to working his way up to Business Development Manager. Jason's transition through the company says a lot about his personality and about the developments at Infinity Marketing Services. This is why we want you to get to know Jason.

Discover the people behind our simple and smart marketing solutions. From our Solutions Architects, to our Production Team to Marketing. We want to be as transparent to our customers as possible, and it helps when you get to know the team.


Creative Director

Andrew Stromberg infinity marketing services


Web Developer

Andrew transforms into a dead serious website designer as soon as he takes place behind his huge screen in the studio. Only by the rhythm at which he delivers his spot-on website strategy does he reveal the southern rock guitarist in him that goes out during the weekends to show off his impressive musical talents at the clubs throughout the great northwest.
Devon, Infinity Marketing Services


Client Care


Delivery Specialist

When email doesn't cut it, Kathy is our key to getting proofs, or products delivered between distribution centers or directly to customers on time. Kathy carves through traffic like an olympic skater and still has a smile on her face at the end of the day. When it absolutely positively has to be there on time, we know who to call.
Payton, Infinity Marketing Services, Chandler Arizona


Graphic Design

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